LUXATO is committed to providing more effective solutions to more users with hearing loss. As COVID-19 is sweeping the US, our CEO quickly realized that hearing aid users will need to communicate more than ever before. The appeal, would rather lose the cost seriously, but also dare to be courageous and share the difficulties with our users.


Under the guidance of this positive response attitude, we quickly and actively responded to the current plight of our most valued users, and delivered products with a market price of as high as $789 within a 15-day period at an ultra-low heartbeat price of $99 to our users, no matter from price to service industry Unique inside.

As you can see, we have launched LUXATO $99 BUDGET HEARING HEALTH PLAN to provide our most valued users with the following services.

  • Timely Online Customer Service
  • Help Curb the Cost of Hearing Health.
  • 60-day Risk-free Tria

Why are hearing aids essential?

    Simply put, the role of hearing aids is to amplify sounds of specific frequencies, such as those unvoiced consonants that are easily covered by a mask. Smarter hearing aids can also accurately reduce unnecessary background noise.

    • For people who have already worn hearing aids, you need to know that hearing aids can be customized according to the situation. In this special social scene, your hearing aids should also be adjusted accordingly. For example, you may need more high-frequency gain to overcome the influence of masks; you may need a higher noise reduction level to overcome noise interference.
    • For people with hearing loss who don't have hearing aids, changes in social needs may drive you to buy your first pair of hearing aids. Hearing loss is slow without knowing it. If you still think that the distance is causing you to be unable to hear clearly, you might as well take ten minutes to take a hearing test. Getting close to others is never a good solution. A pair of hearing aids can help you a lot.

    The product LUX MAX hearing aid said by our consumers.

    • "My children love that I can hear them now and now I know what it sounds like to hear the birds in the morning. It’s a beautiful thing."
    • "I heard the raindrops for the first time in so many years that it made me cry. it literally made me cry I did not realize how much I had missed the sound of driving rain of rain pitter pattering on the roof! Thank you Luxato!!"
    • “Luxato has really, really changed my life for the better.”
    • “The easiest way to describe it is that I feel like myself again.”

    LUXATO offer you Affordable & Comfortable & Hear better hearing aids.

    In response to COVID-19, people's lives all over the world have changed a lot. It can be especially frustrating for people with hearing loss. This is why hearing aids are more important than ever. 

    Imagine birds singing. Rain pattering. Crickets chirping. Now imagine not having to imagine.

    Luxato paints the world in bold, rich sound, allowing you to hear like never before.

    Why not try it now?

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