Program hearing aids

Traditionally, the fitting of hearing aids is inseparable from the fitting engineer and the audiologist, and the user belongs to a "passive" status. Self-programming hearing aids give users the initiative to mate independently.

Freedom behind-the-ear hearing aids launched by America Hears in 2005 were equipped with programmers and programming cables. Later, adjustments were made to the shape of the programmer and the type of programming line. At the same time, the real ear hearing function of the hearing aid is used to realize the air conduction hearing detection. The standalone programmer is priced at $ 199.

Ihear HD, launched by Ihear in 2014, not only reduced the size of the programmer, but also added audiometry to the programmer. In addition, the price of the programmer included in the product has dropped below 200 US dollars. Ihear was created by the original founder of Lyrics, Adnan Shennib (acquired by SONOVA at a high price of $ 75 million). The project has received three rounds of venture capital totaling $ 7.5 million.

Ihearyou, recently launched by Blamey Saunders Hears in Australia, uses a similar design to America Hears, but the shape design of the programmer has been greatly improved, and white that will not make mistakes is used as the main color. And the introduction of Bluetooth technology to achieve "wireless" programming, extending the software platform from computers to mobile phones and PAD. Prices start at $ 2,000.

From a business perspective, self-programming hearing aids can easily face emerging online sales and mail order channels, making a good distinction from hand-tuned hearing aids that are less than $ 100 full street. From a service perspective, if the remote fitting is performed by an additional fitting engineer, the user's satisfaction with the hearing aid will be improved. Especially in the less developed countries and regions, there is often a serious shortage of fitters and audiologists, and self-programming hearing aids will also play a great role.

Thinking backwards does not mean that you can provide a more perfect solution. But to some extent, it still has its meaning. With the advancement of technology, self programming may one day become a standard feature of hearing aids.

We think it matters more how the hearing aid works best for the person in the end. Programmable or non-programmable, autonomous programming or not, users have a say.

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