#COVID-19# Hearing aids with mask affect hearing quality?

During the special period of COVID-19, hearing-loss friends need not worry that wearing a mask will affect the hearing quality of hearing aids. However, when removing the mask, pay attention to the hearing aid hanging behind your ears to prevent falling.

Depends on the type of hearing aids

If it is an ear canal hearing aids, it basically does not affect it. If it is a back-ear machine, pay attention and don’t touch it! Does not affect the sound you hear!

Wear a mask or hearing aid first

LUXATO hearing aid experts advise you to wear a hearing aid before wearing a mask.
On the one hand, it is to ensure the safety of the hearing aid, because the receiver or the sound guide tube is not easy to press the mask, it is safer and easier to take off when removing the mask; on the other hand, it is more convenient to remove the mask daily without having to adjust the hearing aid.

Other “hearing aids + masks” tips

Firstly, choose a comfortable mask that suits you
Secondly, remember to check safety after wearing
Thirdly, be careful when removing masks
Fourthly, if conditions permit, you can choose a head-mounted mask

If necessary, you can choose to wear the hearing aid to drop the rope, hook the hearing aid body or the receiver to enhance the safety factor.

Finally, the most important point is to remind everyone, especially old friends, if there are no special circumstances, reduce the frequency of going out, take good care of your health, wear a mask, and pay attention to the hearing aids.

Better hearing and staying connected should be the goal of patients with hearing loss.  Relax & Recharge your hearing aids with Luxato Hearing Technology on the weekend. 

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