Happy Mother's Day

How To Have A Special Mother’s Day With Hearing Loss

Mother’s Day is a particular time to celebrate those who play a tremendous role in our lives. It is a great time to show appreciation to those moms, stepmoms, and others who take on the mother role. How will you celebrate it this year? A party or a special dinner at a favorite restaurant perhaps? What if your mother is hearing impaired? Will that change the agenda for the day or alter your gift ideas? If your mother has difficulty hearing and you are at a loss for gift ideas, consider some unique gifts this year.

LUXATO HEARING CORP., is the industry leader in high quality over the counter (OTC) hearing devices, which are available through its recently launched online store. It is important for the hearing impaired, and their families, to be reassured, that at this time of crisis, hearing assistance continues to be available without leaving the comfort and safety of home.

Start The Day Right

Without question, the most critical step you can take to make your mom’s day special is by implementing a few tips that will show her respect and love. Here are a few ways to show love and address her hearing needs:

  1. Use face to face communication. By doing this, you make the conversation more comfortable for mom as she can see your lips moving.
  2. Keep the talk at eye level. Conversation is better when mom can see and hear you.
  3. Turn on the lights. If the weather is agreeable, suggest celebrating outside. If you do stay inside, make sure there is ample lighting.
  4. Speak clearly. As you engage your mother in conversation, keep it clear, distinct, and avoid the use of slang.
  5. Minimize background noise. If you are treating mom to a nice meal at a favorite restaurant, find a place with minimum background noise.
  6. Seat yourself beside your mother. This type of seating arrangement is a huge help for your mother if she is struggling to hear what a server is saying. You can help her along easily when seated beside her.
  7. Keep it quiet. When visiting mom at home, keep the television or radio turned down or try to converse in a quiet room within the house.

If you are still hesitant to give your favorite present, LUXATO hearing aids may be a good choice for you.

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