Join Us in the Celebration of LUXATO HEARING CORP.’s First Anniversary

LUXATO HEARING CORP. cordially invites you to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its online store,

As the industry leader in high-quality direct-to-consumer (DTC) hearing devices, LUXATO HEARING CORP has enjoyed an impressive year. COVID-19 presents us with new challenges that result from social isolation, and LUXATO has responded by revamping its remote-fit and pre-programming service with highly trained teams of hearing experts that serve increased customer needs.

LUXATO also took the bold step of bolstering its already excellent customer service teams in order to achieve even higher levels service. As a result, our customer service division has not only earned hundreds of five-star reviews, but it has also garnered lots of consumer recommended videos for the LUXATO brand.

Founded, and currently operated, by LUXATO’s hearing care professionals, video tutorials are available via 2 Internet channels: YouTube and These channels are highly informative, covering everything from opening the box, to hearing aid instructionals, to hearing tips, and more. The popularity of these videos is evidenced by the 50,000+ views they have received to date.

This past April, LUXATO introduced its groundbreaking Budget Hearing Plan (BHP). The marketing campaign was designed to benefit hearing-impaired consumers that not only face hearing loss, but also the financial challenges that all too frequently are associated with this disability. This campaign was well-received, and according to Gina Yee, LUXATO’s VP of Business, “Customer services teams were flooded with calls from customers complaining about missing the closing date. People are crazy about the BHP!”

 “Sales data proves that we are doing the right thing, says Gina, and our customers agree, referring lots of clients to us by word-of-mouth.” Moved by the overwhelming customer response, Gina has committed LUXATO to four BHP campaigns this year, each offering deep discounts and exceptional customer service on selected, high-quality models.

LUXATO HEARING CORP. has two new products ready to launch at year-end, both of which exemplify LUXATO’S mission to provide affordable hearing solutions to every consumer. The first offering represents the foremost recharge technology available in the hearing aid industry—RF wireless charging. The second represents the latest trend in hearing care—Hearable. 

With the addition of these new technologies, LUXATO’s product line will better serve all consumers by offering the widest range of pricing, a variety of adaptations to user behaviors, and, as always, a robust hearing experience.    

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