Benefits of wearing two hearing aids

Research and experience suggests that If you have hearing loss in both ears, you will achieve the best result with two hearing aids.

Two hearing aids take advantage of the brain’s natural function, which processes sound through binaural hearing. This prevents further hearing deterioration due to auditory deprivation. Also, sounds will be naturally louder and clearer, while reducing the need for volume, which means less feedback. This allows your brain to localize and focus on speech despite background noise. Two hearing aids provide enhanced reception for quiet sounds and soft-spoken words. LUXATO, Your Personal Hearing Care Professional.

A More Natural Listening Experience
Our ears are designed to work together to create a binaural experience/ summation. Our brain quickly processes in surround sound and wearing two hearing aids allows you to create a fuller, richer sound landscape; effectively reduce unnecessary noise.

Less Amplification, Safer Sound Levels
With two hearing aids, you can better hear sounds without as much amplification; helps reduce the urge to turn up the volume on your hearing devices. aids

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