Hearing Protection, Starting from Daily Life

Hearing is a gift from heaven. The role of hearing aids is to help people who have lost this talent regain this ability. However, we hope that all healthy people will learn to cherish and protect their hearing. Now the environment people live in is full of too much noise, which will damage the hearing cells of our inner ear. Once there is damage, the hearing is usually irreparable. Therefore, learning to protect hearing is also the guarantee of healthy life in today's society. Do you know some good habits?

The harsh sound of lawn mowers, rock concerts, downtown music radio, bars, roaring stations The noise produced by these common environments is usually higher than 85 decibels. Long term exposure to these environments will damage our hearing cells, so appropriate protection is necessary.

One third of adults and three fifths of teenagers use portable music devices and turn down the volume to 50% or less so that you can hear the surrounding sound at the same time. After a while, take off the headphones and let your ears rest.

Earwax is a common cause of short-term hearing loss. When you use a medical swab to pull out the ear, the earwax may be squeezed deeper. Earache, ear block and even ear itching may be the precursor of cerumen embolism.
People with hyperglycemia are twice as likely to have hearing loss as people with normal blood glucose levels

High blood pressure can aggravate the aging of hearing loss. The reason is that the blood flow of inner ear slows down, and even the brain related to hearing slows down.

If you find that you need your relatives and friends to repeat what they have said, start turning up the volume of the TV. It's hard to make a phone call. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible or wear a hearing aid according to the actual situation.

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