How often does hearing aid need to be replaced?

The design life of hearing aids is 5-8 years. In order to extend the service life, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Moistureproof: hearing aids are made of electronic components, so moistureproof is very important for electronic equipment. Therefore, do not wear hearing aids when you wash your face, hair, swim or rain; if you are sweating, wipe it dry in time to avoid sweat seeping into the hearing aids; do not place the hearing aids in wet environment such as the bathroom. When the hearing aid is not in use, put it into the drying box {pay attention to whether the desiccant in the box is invalid} or the electronic care box to dry. In winter, we should pay attention to whether there are water drops in the ear mold tube, and if so, we should throw them out to avoid affecting the effect of hearing aids.

2. Anticorrosion: keep away from all kinds of corrosive articles. If the hearing aid is not used for a long time, the battery should be taken out to avoid battery leakage and damage to the hearing aid. It's better not to go to places with a lot of oil to avoid hearing aid failure.

3. Shockproof: because the original part of the hearing aid is connected by very small wires, it is very easy to break after being impacted, especially the receiver, microphone, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to sit on a soft sofa or bed, face the mirror and use both hands to wear hearing aids. Or have your family wear it for you.

4. Dustproof: don't go to the place with a lot of dust, so as to avoid the dust blocking the microphone, and the hearing aid will fail.

5. Cleaning: clean and descale the hearing aid every day. Cleaning the earwax can keep the sound transmission hole and the air vent unobstructed and ensure the listening effect.

6. If you have a history of otitis media, it is usually recommended to wear a hearing aid for 1 hour, then remove the hearing aid and let the ear canal breathe for 10-20 minutes; if otitis media relapses, it is best not to wear a hearing aid to avoid hearing aid damage.

7. Before the warranty is about to expire, send it to the manufacturer for comprehensive inspection

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