How to choose suitable hearing aids for the elderly?

The main characteristics of deafness in the elderly are: hearing the sound is not clear, afraid of loud, some people's finger movement coordination ability is poor. Therefore, their requirements for hearing aids are: high definition, less distortion, strong anti noise ability and easy operation.

There are three main types of hearing aids on the market: box type, ear back type and customized type. These hearing aids have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Box hearing aids are relatively cheap. Some of the box hearing aids have high power and are suitable for deaf people with severe hearing loss. The large adjustment knob is suitable for the elderly patients with hearing loss whose hand movement is not coordinated, which is also a major advantage of the box hearing aid. The disadvantage of the box hearing aid is that it is very inconvenient to wear and use, and the long outer wire is not only not beautiful, but also hinders the normal physical activities. The box is placed in the pocket, a little movement will produce friction noise and affect the use, and the noise of the box hearing aid is relatively large, and the sound sounds more distorted.
The back of ear hearing aid has the advantages of easy to wear, large power design, complete function setting and low price.

The obvious defect of the ear back hearing aid is that it is easy to be eroded by the sweat from the head when it is put behind the ear, and then damage the components.
There are four kinds of customized hearing aids in the ear: in ear (ITE), in ear canal (ITC), deep ear canal (CIC) and super invisible hearing aids (IIC). The super invisible hearing aid is the smallest in volume, the lightest in weight and the most concealed in wearing.

But the ear canal type is the most commonly used by the elderly. In the case of severe hearing loss, in ear exercises are also popular. The common characteristics of the customized hearing aids are:

① Because it is customized, it is very suitable for the actual situation of the user; ② Because it is placed in the ear, it gives full play to the original acoustic characteristics of the auricle and ear canal, with low noise, less distortion and high clarity;

③ Because of its small size, it is stable and comfortable to wear;

④ Its concealment is the most satisfactory advantage of many users who do not want others to know their own deafness defects;

It's easier for the elderly to adjust.
Small custom hearing aids also have disadvantages. If they are not stored properly, they are easy to lose. This is a problem that the elderly should pay attention to. As for the price, custom hearing aids are generally the most expensive of the three categories.

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