How to clean and maintain hearing aids?

Hearing aids are hearing compensation products, which are expensive and high-precision electronic products. If they are well maintained, the sound quality and compensation effect will be good, and the service life will be longer;

Tools / raw materials
Hearing aids, soft cloth, blowing balloon, small brush, electronic dryer, drying box, anhydrous alcohol, dry cotton ball, anti ear pollution net

It is recommended to clean hearing aids at least two to three times a week;
For earback hearing aids, first use a small brush to remove the dust, dander and other dirt accumulated at the microphone port; use a balloon to blow clean the water vapor, earwax and other dirt in the sound tube and ear mold; check whether there is blockage or rust in the battery compartment and ear hook, remove the blockage, use anhydrous alcohol to remove the rust, and use a soft cloth and a small cotton ball to clean the hearing aid;

In the cleaning of ear hearing aids, a small brush is used to clean the sound inlet and outlet, and remove oil, earwax, dust and dandruff. Check whether the anti ear pollution net is damaged or blocked. If it is damaged or blocked, replace it with a new one, and then wipe the fuselage clean with a soft cloth;

After cleaning, the hearing aid should be put into the electronic drying box every other day to dry the moisture and moisture. Generally, it is recommended to dry for three hours, and it can be dried for six hours if it is seriously affected by moisture. After drying, it should be put into the drying box to dry in time, and the moisture absorbing silica gel should be replaced in time after discoloration;

Matters needing attention
Hearing aids are high-precision electronic products, usually pay attention to waterproof, anti falling, anti shock, anti strong magnetic field;
In case of accident, please don't dismantle the hearing aid without authorization, and contact the fitting store for handling at the first time;

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