Is Alzheimer's disease related to hearing loss?

Generally speaking, there is no direct relationship between hearing loss and Alzheimer's disease. However, the reduction of auditory stimulation due to deafness may aggravate the degree of Alzheimer's disease.

Hearing loss of the elderly not only weakens their ability to accept external information, but also leads to language barriers. Hearing loss of the elderly population will appear more or less the following several situations.
Cognitive load

When you can't hear the sound, you will keep trying to listen and understand, and the brain will feel a lot of pressure. The brain is usually used to store memory, to remember what is said, and first to understand what is said. When the cognitive load is serious, the memory is greatly reduced.

Brain structure
Hearing loss can affect the structure of the brain to some extent, leading to cognitive problems. Older people with hearing loss have less gray matter in the brain that receives and processes sound, just because certain structures in brain cells contract when they don't get enough stimulation.

Social isolation
If the old people can't understand what others are saying or understand what others are saying, they will feel inferior. They would rather stay at home than participate in too many social activities. When the brain doesn't get enough stimulation all day, it increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
How to keep your brain healthy?

To continue learning, any new learning activity will form new neural stimulation in the brain, which can help avoid brain damage associated with dementia.
Actively participating in social activities and talking to others many times will stimulate brain activity.
Usually more exercise, the right amount of exercise will make the body and mind relaxed, but also to keep the brain awake.
Pay attention to all kinds of nutrition intake, eat more vegetables and fruits, beans, fish, olive oil and nuts.

With the growth of age, hearing loss caused by physical diseases can not be cured by medical means. Therefore, although it is impossible to stop the occurrence of senile deafness, we should actively take corresponding measures to avoid or delay the development of symptoms as far as possible.

We should go to professional institutions in time to match hearing AIDS suitable for our own hearing, and wear hearing aids as soon as possible, so as to improve the quality of elderly students The quality of life.

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