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LUXATO HEARING CORP., is the industry leader in high quality over the counter (OTC) hearing devices, which are available through its recently launched online store. It is important for the hearing impaired, and their families, to be reassured, that at this time of crisis, hearing assistance continues to be available without leaving the comfort and safety of home.

With an estimated 40 million Americans suffering from hearing loss, and just one-quarter of that number wearing hearing aids, LUXATO recognizes the imperative of providing affordable, state-of-the-art technology for the hearing impaired. The company is also keenly aware of the fact that, because of their hearing impairment, they often find themselves at the lower end of the income scale, and the concurrent COVID-19 event has only exacerbated this disparity. Consequently, LUXATO HEARING CORP. 

This is just one of the ways LUXATO HEARING CORP. is demonstrating its dedication to the hearing impaired. Over the past several years, LUXATO has helped hundreds of thousands of the hearing impaired achieve a better quality of life, and the company continues to aggressively pursue its goal of improving people’s lives through high quality, low cost products, coupled with unmatched customer service, spearheaded by LUXATO’s Chief of Clinical Audiology, Dr. Jacqueline Cuéllar Saavedra, a distinguished member of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), who is deeply committed to delivering high-quality care, and education to patients each and every day. Her staff audiologists and audiology board are leading experts in hearing research, care, and technology.

Through its online platform, Luxatohearing.com, makes its products available without compromising the need for social distancing. LUXATO hearing aids boast a number of ongoing company innovations. For example:

EasyCharge patented technology

• Made possible by a superior lithium polymer battery that shortens charging time and provides users with 24 hours of use between charges, prevents battery overheating, accidental overcharging, and removes potentially damaging moisture from the hearing aids.


• LUXATO hearing aids are professionally programmed, at no additional cost, prior to shipment. Programming is based upon each customer’s unique requirements, as determined by the customer’s hearing test results, and is performed by a highly trained LUXATO audiologist to ensure that each customer receives an amazing out-of-the-box experience, another example of LUXATO’s commitment to long term customer care.

Remote fitting

• Customers receive both telephone and online options for communicating with our highly trained and experienced customer service team. LUXATO’s hearing care professionals (HCP) are pleased to make their personalized services available through LUXATO’s user-friendly applications, resulting in a custom fit for each customer.

LUXATO HEARING CORP. prides itself on its line of lightweight, comfortable, feature rich, affordable hearing aids, which are made possible by years of developmental research and dedication to the hearing impaired community.

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