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As the industry leader in high-quality direct-to-consumer (DTC) hearing devices, LUXATO HEARING CORP has enjoyed an impressive year. COVID-19 presents us with new challenges that result from social isolation, and LUXATO has responded by revamping its remote-fit and pre-programming service with highly trained teams of hearing experts that serve increased customer needs.

Under the guidance of this positive response attitude, we quickly and actively responded to the current plight of our most valued users, and delivered products with a market price of as high as $789 within a 15-day period at an ultra-low heartbeat price of $99 to our users, no matter from price to service industry Unique inside.

Our team of experts ensure our products are always equipped with the latest industry standard technology, high performance product with affordable price, US based customer service team, 60-days money back guarantee and we offer a 1-year warranty.

  • Timely Online Customer Service
  • Help Curb the Cost of Hearing Health.
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Save $130
Affordable Hearing Aid (BTE)-LUX MAX SEAffordable Hearing Aid (BTE)-LUX MAX SE