What is the difference between hearing aids and amplifiers?

Even now, many people think that there is no difference between hearing aids and amplifiers. They think that hearing aids are used to amplify sound.

Is there really no difference between hearing aids and loudspeakers?

In fact, the idea that hearing aids are equal to amplifiers was established several decades ago. After all, the original design concept of hearing aids was to amplify sound, including the current hearing aids, whose principle is mainly to amplify sound.

The reason for this is that most of the hearing aids in that era were analog hearing aids, which were linear amplification. The output of the amplifier was proportional to the input signal, which was a straight line across the origin in coordinates. Moreover, the function of the analog hearing aids was relatively simple, which could only amplify the sound.

Today's hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids. Although they are both hearing aids, they can be said to be two kinds of products. There is a big gap in the technical content between the two products. Digital hearing aids are no longer linear amplification like the old hearing aids, but nonlinear amplification. What we say is more complex, and we are also different. Generally speaking, it is more amplification in low voice and less amplification in high voice Big, so perfect to avoid the simulation of hearing aids appear in the low voice can not hear, loud and noisy phenomenon.

In terms of function, there are too many digital hearing aids compared with amplifiers.

The digital hearing aid can achieve the function of intelligent noise reduction. In the process of wearing, the patient will actively analyze the frequency of the signal according to the surrounding environment, and then carry out the corresponding noise reduction processing. For example, when you communicate with a person near the washing machine, the hearing aid will first reduce the noise of the washing machine, and then amplify the voice of that person, Can you do this megaphone that comes back to your ear?

The second way is to improve the speech recognition of patients with hearing loss?

The digital hearing aid can also perform an audiometric function. To put it simply, the hearing aid can also be turned into an audiometer to check the patient's hearing at any time.

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