What's the feeling of hearing loss?

What is the world of hearing loss in different degrees?
Normal: there is no problem in normal communication with people, and some small sounds can be distinguished.

Light hearing loss: in daily life, it is impossible to distinguish small friction sound, filter out many small sounds in the invisible, and quickly adapt to the sound of decibel slightly higher than the normal volume.

Moderate hearing loss: in daily communication, it needs to be loud or repeated to distinguish, and it is difficult to distinguish speech in noisy environment. It has reached the national hearing disability standard level 4.

Severe hearing loss: it is difficult to accept the other party's language information without hearing aids because of the blurring of daily communication sound. In noisy environment, communication is impossible and language information cannot be distinguished. It has reached the national hearing disability Standard Level 3.

Extremely severe hearing loss: daily communication is not normal, and the other party must raise the volume, speak loudly or even shout before they can hear. The world is relatively quiet, only firecrackers and thunder will respond. The hearing threshold is 81db-90db, which reaches the second level of national hearing disability standard, and the hearing threshold is greater than 90dB, which has reached the first level of national hearing disability standard.

Every day, many users come to the background with the audiogram after our listening aid app. Most of them are light and moderate hearing loss. However, the hearing loss at high frequency will reach medium to severe. This is because the distribution of auditory nerve is in line with the spiral structure of cochlear basement membrane. The nerve of low frequency is located in the center, and the auditory nerve with high frequency is located in the peripheral. The changes of physical and chemical environment such as trauma, ischemia and hypoxia, herpes virus first affect the high frequency.

Hearing loss is similar to visual impairment, which is basically irreversible and cannot be recovered. Therefore, we must pay attention to the healthy use of the ear, protect the hearing, and do the hearing test regularly. If your area is not popular with listening test, you can download the listening aid app. You can download the listening aid app. You can only need a mobile phone and a pair of headphones to conduct hearing examination and test at home to see if there is any hearing loss. If the audiogram shows the situation of hearing loss or loss, please go to the hospital in time for treatment.

Do a small listening test to see if there is a potential hearing loss in your listening.
(in listening test, remember your daily life habits and details to ensure authenticity)

1. whether headphones are used for listening to music
2. whether the volume of headphones exceeds 60% of the total volume
3. whether the headphone is frequently used for more than 60 minutes
4. is the subtitle mostly watched when watching a movie (native language movie)
5. whether there are complaints about your dislike (if you don't intentionally ignore your name) every month or even every week in your life
6. whether there is occasional tinnitus in life
7. when talking to others, do you habitually turn your head and face each other with your ears
8. whether the phone is missed frequently
If you have already won five, you must be careful. It is possible that you have a slight hearing loss.
Do a listening test to check if your listening is really damaged.

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