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Color: black


  • Patented AMRIC design: microphone and speaker are in the ear canal, better sense of hearing
  • App lets you control LUX 20X hearing aids from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Designed to help you understand voices in restaurants, meetings,traffic and other challenging environments.
  • 20 Channels WDRC Multi Memory Amplifier,High performance DSP hearing aid
  • Multi-Bands Frequency Shaping and Multi Bands Layered Noise Reduction
  • Auto save of Volume and Program
  • Use a 312A battery
  • FDA Registered Class One Hearing Aid
  • High quality American-made electronics components.
  • Intended for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • 3 ear dome choices included – so you can choose the size that fits your ear.


  • Enjoy Luxato Experts regular VIP Care service every 3 months
  • 60-day money-back guarantee&60-day trial
  • Free privileges with Trade-in service which is worth $240


LUX 20X Luxato INVISIBLE Hearing Aids and Accessories products all affordable price for first try users and experienced users Programmable Wireless App Sound Assist Aid, for Adults and Seniors

  • LUX 20X hearing aids:1 Pair
  • LUX 20X Closed Ear Dome×4 (M/L)
  • LUX 20X Open Ear Dome×2(L)
  • Steel ring brush×1


    • Color:Black
    • Dimensions: H-38mm / L-31mm / W-38mm 
    • Weight:1.22g(Single Hearing aid)
    • SKU:LUX20
    • Freq Range : 350Hz~4500Hz
    • Maximum Gain : 32dB
    • Battery Current ≤ 1.6 mA


    1. Never wear other people's hearing aid! It could permanently damage/affect your hearing.
    2. Avoid direct contact with force (e.g. smacking/slapping, wrestling or likewise sports) while wearing a hearing instrument, such impact could be harmful to your hearing.
    3. Do not wear hearing instrument in heavy industrial areas (mines, explosion sites)
    4. If pain, skin irritation in the ear or excessive accelerated earwax, consult physician.
    5. In the unlikely case of the dome being stuck in your ear canal, after the removal of the sound tube from the ear, it is highly recommended, for you to see a physician for safe removal of the dome.
    6. Do not drop hearing device onto a hard surface that can damage the instrument.

    7. To obtain best performance from your hearing instrument, always use new and high-quality batteries.

            You’re in a noisy room and can’t hear your partner or colleagues because they’re not positioned on the side of your good ear, or you are on the phone and unaware of your environment. If this sounds familiar, LUXATO hearing aids LUX MAX SINGLE is the smart solution for you. 

            One hearing aid or two?

            If you're like most people with hearing loss, you'll probably find that it takes time to accept the idea that you need a hearing aid, and you may be unhappy when your audiologist recommends that you get not one, but two. Chances are that your first question will be, "Is it normal to get two hearing aids?" And then, "Do I really need two?"

            If you have hearing loss in only one ear and normal or nearly normal hearing in the other, then one hearing aid is all you need. But most people have hearing loss in both ears, especially if the loss is age-related. (You may have one ear that's better than the other, but chances are both will be in the same ballpark.) In that case, research and experience suggest that you'll ultimately be more satis-fied with two hearing aids.

            Can I Get Just One Hearing Aid?

            When most people receive the news that they will need hearing aids, the biggest shock comes from learning how high the cost will be. It can be tempting to try and reduce the cost by buying only one aid for a “dominant” hearing ear and cut the cost in half. Unless you only have hearing loss in one ear, we strongly advice against this practice for a number of important reasons.

            Why Wear Two Hearing Aids?

            If you have hearing loss in both ears, research and experience suggest that you'll ultimately be more satisfied with two hearing aids. Because you can take better advantage of the way the brain processes sound through binaural hearing, which prevents further hearing deterioration due to auditory deprivation. Also, sounds will naturally be louder and clearer. It reduces the need for volume, which means less feedback, your brain will have an easier time localizing and focusing on speech in background noise. It allows better reception of quiet sounds and soft-spoken words. LUXATO, Your Personal Hearing Care Professional.

            Luxato Inventions Patent

             Best Inventions technology 15+ years of experience creating hearing aid solutions, Luxato Has patent

            • patented product design——AMRIC
            • patented Waterproof product
            • patented hearing aids charge cable——Ezcharge Green
            • patented hearing aids charge case——No directionality

            Affordable Cost

            • Direct online sales
              We invested in 5-star service while eliminating middlemen, fees, and overhead to deliver an award-winning product straight to your low as $300+ a pair.

            Accurate Sound

            • High quality For SOUND REVIVAL
            • Wide frequency range for natural sound,
            • Dual-microphone system with directional processing.
            • Sophisticated digital equalization boosts voice frequencies while minimizing background noise.

            Satisfaction Guarantee

            • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee plus 60-Days to Assure It Works.
            • FDA GUARANTEE: Licensed, professional support for life

              Fast US Shipping

              Fast US Shipping

              We offer UPS ground or USPS priority mail Hearing aids shipping at no cost to you in the US. Most hearing aids ship within 2-3 business days from the time of purchase. If you would like to expedite your order, you can choose to pay for overnight or 2-day shipping at checkout.And We also can ship to most countries, however, local fees and taxes may apply. Call 877-320-6917 or email to learn more about shipping to your specific location.

              Risk Free 60-Days

              Risk Free 60-Days

              If you are not 100% satisfied with our hearing aids, you can return them to us within 60 days for a full refund. We do not charge restocking fees or any other hidden feeds for returning a device. We make the return process easy by giving you a full refund within the 60 day trial period.

              Once we receive the hearing aids back in our office, and provided that the hearing aid(s) are still in good condition, a member of the team will contact you in regards to the status of your refund.

              Easy Steps To Return

              Easy Steps To Return

              If you are returning your hearing devices during your 60 day trial period because they stopped working correctly, please consult our troubleshooting guide first and/or do the following checks:

              • Clean the tubes, end pieces and ducts

              • Insert new batteries

              • Make sure the device is switched on and is not set to the Telecoil function

              If you have done all of the above checks and are still experiencing trouble with them, please contact us ((877) 320-6917), and we’ll do our best to help you benefit from the devices, as well as provide you with a Service Request Number in the case that you do need to send them back. To return your hearing aids, please Fill out the online Luxato contact form on the Luxato website.Our professional customer service team will contact you within 24H for processing.

              The 60 day trial period will start from the day we ship the device, which will be indicated with an email to the user with tracking information once the hearing aid leaves our office. If you decide to return a product, the mailing date should be no later than 60 days after the shipping date. Also, keep in mind that the returns policy applies to hearing aids and amplifiers only and that we do not cover the return shipping fees. Also note that for international orders, we will not be able to cover shipping and customs costs (if applicable).

              Note: the returns policy will not apply if an Luxato device has been modified or damaged, if the serial number has been altered, or if repairs have been made without the consent and knowledge of Luxato. In such case, you will be billed for the full amount of the device. Any promotion is contingent on the hearing device(s) being kept within the 60 day trial period. Any returned hearing device(s) are not subject to a) any monetary value based on the discounted amount applied to the original purchase b) all promotional gift(s) must be returned as part of the 60 day trial period for a valid refund.

              Payment & Security

              American Express Apple Pay Diners Club Discover JCB Mastercard PayPal Venmo Visa

              Your payment information is processed securely. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information.

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              Great audio sound.

              Great audio sound. Long lasting power. Comfortable to wear. Very easy to use. Makes things alot clearer.

              LUXATO LUX 20X (PAIR) Review

              Better sound quality

              Better sound quality. The appearance is also great. I can hear the sound of my granddaughter playing in the yard very clearly now

              LUXATO LUX 20X (PAIR) ReviewLUXATO LUX 20X (PAIR) Review

              Good quality

              My nana really appreciate the quality and sound from this head phones an earpiece. Now she can hear what people are saying as well as the TV since her hearing is not great anymore.

              LUXATO LUX 20X (PAIR) Review
              Cindy C.

              Great product!

              It works great! My dad doesn't like wearing his hearing aids.They can actually carry on a good conversation without yelling and frustration. Great product!


              communicate better

              My father is hard of hearing and in a nursing home after having had a stroke. This sound amplifier has opened up a whole world of being able to hear people, instead of being sound isolated. Great product! My sister had me get it for him because the staff at the hospital where he was taken to when he had the stroke uses them on hard-of-hearing patients. It's important to be able to communicate.

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