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Rechargeable Hearing Aids (BTE)- LUX MAX AIR (PAIR)

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Save $210
  • Hearing aid with App- Bluetooth capability allows hearing aids connect wirelessly to cell phones. And the SOUNDWEAR APP allows user to have quick hearing test and made adjustment directly on smartphones.
  • Advanced Digital Technology-Rechargeable hearing aids apply the world’s most promising EZcharge technology.
  • Intended for mild to moderate hearing loss.
$799 $1,009

Benefits of Lux Max Air Hearing Aids

Luxato's commitment is to offer the most affordable, high standard Lux Max Air hearing products to everyday lifestyle. Through extensive research and development, effortlessly assisting the health care professionals and the hearing impaired. WE HEAR... WE DELIVER!

Benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

Lux Max Air best highlights include, light weight, innovative App control technology, high quality sound, features and performance products along with superior services.

Has 4 Listening Programs to Suit Your Environment

These settings enable you to adjust the hearing aid so you can hear confidently in any sit -uation

All around

Best fit for interpersonal conversation interaction.

Restaurant(Group gathering)

Smart noise reduction technology provides clear sound in crowed or noisy environments.

TV watching

With upgraded hearing aids, you can turn down the volume on your TV to a level everyone can enjoy. Start sharing your favorite shows again.


Intelligent background noise reduction provides more joy to your every day active lifestyle.

Hearing experience wtih APP control

Customized controls

Bluetooth technology and Soundware APP features designed to work with any smart device that allows the user to perform the limitedless self-hearing test and all function adjustments.

Personalized your hearing experience

Lux Max Air true value is to provide you the flexibility to apply change to the hearing device as your hearing condition changed. With this model, you shall have endless joy of hearing with your very own personalize setting.

What's the difference between thick tube and slim tube?

Benefits Of Wearing 2 Hearing Aids

A More Natural Listening Experience

Our ears are designed to work together to create a binaural experience/summation. Our brain quickly processes in surround sound and wearing two hearing aids allows you to create a fuller, richer sound landscape; effectively reduce unneccessary noise.

Less Amplification , Safer Sound Levels

With two hearing aids, you can better hear sounds without as much amplification; helps reduce the urge to turn up the volume on your hearing devices.


    1. Never wear other people's hearing aid! It could permanently damage/affect your hearing.
    2. Avoid direct contact with force (e.g. smacking/slapping, wrestling or likewise sports) while wearing a hearing instrument, such impact could be harmful to your hearing.
    3. Do not wear hearing instrument in heavy industrial areas (mines, explosion sites)
    4. If pain, skin irritation in the ear or excessive accelerated earwax, consult physician.
    5. In the unlikely case of the dome being stuck in your ear canal, after the removal of the sound tube from the ear, it is highly recommended, for you to see a physician for safe removal of the dome.
    6. Do not drop hearing device onto a hard surface that can damage the instrument.

    7. To obtain best performance from your hearing instrument, always use new and high-quality batteries.

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