Do you have hearing loss? Take our online hearing test to find out.
Takes 3 minutes.

Free online hearing test no email .

How to get the most out of this test

  • Please find a quiet place.
  • For best results, you should take this test in a quiet environment. Background noise such as refrigerators, traffic, or even wind will affect your results. 

How the online hearing test works

Step 1-Download  App

Download SOUNDWEAR App in  App Store Or Google Play 
Or scan the Following QR code to download the App

      Step 2-Start the hearing test

      Find a quiet place and Click "Hearing" to start the hearing test on  bottom right of your home page screen.

      Step 3-Connect Headphones

      Connect and use your hearing device for best results. You may use your headphone

      Step 4 

      Follow the App guiding steps and confirm active reference tone at each frequency testing. Confirm "Yes" or "No" in all testing frequency

      Step 5-Hearing Check 

      Once finished , the App will show you the  hearing result 

      Do you have questions about your results? 

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