Some Tips with a hearing care professional is the first step towards choosing hearing aids that's right for you. LUXATO types of hearing care professionals here online to support you. 

What to expect during adjustment period?

 Adjusting to new hearing aids you need to stay patient and take a positive attitude as the medical study shows it normally takes two to three weeks for you to completely comfortable with the devices and fully enjoy the benefits of hearing nature sounds. You may want to start wearing a couple of hours a day to gradually extend over the period of time. It’s common that you will sound different while you receive a substantial improvement in your speech clarity. You may find annoying that your voice sounds way too loud, and noisy sounds may even startle you at first. However, your brain will acclimate and practice to selectively focus on and filter sounds over time. Expect whistling/feedback as you put your hearing aids in unless you turn them off while inserting. The device should not continue to whistle after they are secure in your ears. Contact our hearing healthcare professionals for an adjustment in a fit if this happens. LUXATO, Your Personal Hearing Care Professional.

Introduction of pre program hearing aid

 If you have a copy of your audiogram or hearing test result, we have multiple ways you can send it to us. A member of our friendly audiology team will explain all your options and give you advice on the next step. We store all records in a private HIPAA compliant way so your test results and sensitive information is safe and secure. The next step would be to place the order online. Did you know there are 3 tiers of hearing devices? Pre-programmed hearing aids specified to the wearer’s test results, programmable hearing aids waiting to be tailored by the wearer, and amplifiers. Our Lux 16 is a hearing aid with convenient features like EZCharge and FREE Soundwear app reprogramming service. That’s right, our hearing aids are charged wirelessly and include preprogrammed options to suit your needs. After reprogramming, your hearing aid is ready to deliver to your doorstep in just 2-3 days. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!


Why wear two hearing aids?

 If you have hearing loss in both ears, research and experience suggest that you'll ultimately be more satisfied with two hearing aids. Because you can take better advantage of the way the brain processes sound through binaural hearing, which prevents further hearing deterioration due to auditory deprivation. Also, sounds will naturally be louder and clearer. It reduces the need for volume, which means less feedback, your brain will have an easier time localizing and focusing on speech in background noise. It allows better reception of quiet sounds and soft-spoken words.

Signs of hearing loss

 Most people tend to ignore clues that their hearing isn't what it used to be. But your spouse, friend, or co-worker may be fully aware of the change. Today, we will be going over possible signs of hearing loss to help you determine if you need to start correcting your hearing. These indicators may include the inability to understand conversations, asking people you communicate with to repeat themselves, having to turn up the television volume consistently, and experiencing difficulty to determine where the sound is coming from. You may find male voices easier to understand than female voices as whose voices are of a higher frequency. These are all good indicators for adults with any kind of hearing loss that you may not be hearing as well as you used to. If you find you are experiencing any of these issues, please contact us via email, phone, or chat on our website so that we can help you determine which device is best for you. LUXATO is here to give you professional solutions with suitable hearing aids.

【Hearing Tips】How do hearing aid works?

 All hearing aids have the same basic components. That is a microphone, an amplifier, a battery, and a computer chip programmed by the hearing care professional to suit the wearer’s individual needs. Here is a step-by-step summary of how they work: Microphones pick up the sound. Sounds are analyzed by the processing chip. Processed sounds are sent to the amplifier which transmits the sounds to the inner ear. In the inner ear, the sounds are transformed into electrical impulses and picked up by the brain. So, what makes LUXATO’S product so different? Firstly, Luxato provides a unique sound-processing algorithm in the chip. LUXATO offers extensive support including wireless connectivity, APP control, remote fitting and Li-Ion recharge. Luxato offers significant differences over other hearing aids in the quality of sound capture, enhancing speech recognition over our range of devices.

LUXATO hearing core technologies

 LUXATO hearing aids boast a number of important company innovations. For example: EasyCharge patented technology This is made possible by a superior lithium-polymer battery and an Easycharge charging system. This shortens charging time, provides users with 24 hours of use between charges, and prevents battery overheating and accidental overcharging, LUXATO hearing aids are pre-programmed All our hearing aids are professionally programmed, at no additional cost, prior to shipment. Programming is based on each customer’s unique hearing test results and is performed by highly-trained hearing care professionals to ensure that each customer receives an amazing out-of-the-box experience. And we can provide a remote fitting We can remotely assist you to customise your hearing aid.Wherever you are, Luxato professionals will ‘ping’ your hearing aid over the Internet to adjust the settings. Simply connect your hearing aid to the Luxato mobile App and one of our hearing specialists will adjust your device. LUXATO, Your Personal Hearing Care Professional.


About Luxato hearing aids

 LUXATO HEARING provides a range of lightweight, comfortable, feature-rich, affordable hearing aids, which have been made possible by years of developmental research and dedication to the hearing-impaired community. We have a range of hearing aids available designed to suit all tastes and budgets. You’ll find the most advanced technology in the LUX MAX and LUX MAX AIR. These hearing aids use fully adaptive directional microphones and NoiseBlocker system-enriched sounds. They can also connect wirelessly to the Luxato smartphone app so your hearing aids can be remotely customized. They can also be fully charged in 2 hours, and run for unto 20 hours.

 Luxato have over 15 years Hearing aids technical service experience, that can help you or a loved one with your hearing healthcare needs. Shop the best hearing aids online, affordable hearing aids with unlimited expert support and 60-day trial.