Your hearing care professional will
recommend a model of hearing aid
that best suits your hearing loss.
“Wonderful the 1st try & I had no trouble setting it, in my ear. I was very surprised how easy it was to put my new Luxato HEARING AID in / on. Could hear very well with just a tiny adjustment. So proud I quit procrastinating & ordered my Luxato HEARING AID. ”
Review by
Edrta Chutnt
“ So far, so good. I have looked at a lot of different products, from $5000 at the doctors to $500 online. After I compared, read, talked to people with hearing aids. I decided to go with Luxato hearing aids. As far as I can tell so far so good.My experience with them has been awesome. ”
Review by
Ganury W
“I love my hearing LUXATO hearing aids. Easy to put on. You are not bothered by wind causing a whistle. I find them very comfortable and can hear TV. When people turn away while talking I can still hear them. They are Great for me. Thanks, LuxatoHearing. ”
Review by
Jerry G