Good product quality, can guarantee good sound quality. 

     Luxato hearing aids professional brand, has its own patented technology, after-sales service is more secure.More importantly, the luxato hearing aids achieves 100% quality control of the entire process. 

When you are choosing the right hearing aid, are you also worried about the quality of the product?

 Of the 10 most important factors found to influence overall user satisfaction, 5 were related to sound quality (clarity of sound, natural sound, richness/fidelity of sound, comfort with loud sounds, sound of own voice (occlusion).

 ALL LUXATO HEARING AIDS have passed more than 12 quality assurance testing procedures.

  • Real ear analyzer:Hearing aids vary greatly in different individual ears. In order to achieve accurate fitting as much as possible, real ear analysis must be performed to adjust the hearing aid based on the measured gain value to obtain the best hearing aid fitting effect.
  • Voltage regulation:Used to detect low power alarm, shutdown voltage, power-on voltage
  • Multi-channel temperature analyzer:Whether the temperature reaches the experimental specified temperature during use of the lithium battery or during use of the drying box
  • Battery performance test:Used to detect charge and discharge current Battery capacity Battery reliability (500 cycles)
  • FONIX parameter detection:Detect and certify whether the product meets the testing standards of the hearing aid industry
  • Drop test:Used to judge whether the hearing aid package is stable and firm
  • Pressure test:Used to test how much voltage the product can withstand

  • Size measurement:Used to determine how much tension the tube can withstand
  • Environmental experiment :Used to test whether the product meets the medical industry industry standards

  • XY axis platform vibration experiment:Used to help determine the shock and stability of the product, the reliability of the package
  • Salt spray test:Used to judge the corrosion resistance, water resistance and stability of hearing aids

  • Pull test:Used to determine how much tension the tube can withstand

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 Most hearing care professionals would agree that the primary motivation for acquiring hearing aids is to obtain improved speech intelligibility for the vast majority of the users. So one question you might reasonably ask yourself,WHY NOT TRY LUXATO?