Luxato Inventions Patent

 Best Inventions technology 15+ years of experience creating hearing aid solutions, Luxato Has patent

  • patented product design——AMRIC
  • patented Waterproof product
  • patented hearing aids charge cable——Ezcharge Green
  • patented hearing aids charge case——No directionality

Affordable Cost

  • Direct online sales
    We invested in 5-star service while eliminating middlemen, fees, and overhead to deliver an award-winning product straight to your low as $300+ a pair.

Accurate Sound

  • High quality For SOUND REVIVAL
  • Wide frequency range for natural sound,
  • Dual-microphone system with directional processing.
  • Sophisticated digital equalization boosts voice frequencies while minimizing background noise.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee plus 60-Days to Assure It Works.
  • FDA GUARANTEE: Licensed, professional support for life