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Affordable Hearing Aid (BTE)-LUX MAX SE

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  • FDA Registered Class One Hearing Aid.
  • Noise Reduction -Use Highly Advanced Layered technology for background noise reduction and feedback cancellation.

  • Sound Environment Settings -4 Environment Settingsfor the best sound effect in different environments.
  • Fast Charging- Approximately 4 hours for a full charge to enjoy Long use time Up to 18-19 hours.
  • Intended for mild to moderate hearing loss
Hearing Aid: Single
$199 $329

Personalize your hearing aids to make it perfectly right for you.Please Online Hearing Test

Here Are the Benefits of This Model

LUXATO is committed to meeting the unique needs of people with hearing loss to develop products forevery ear and every lifestyle. Our solutions are not only the result of extensive research, but also theproduct of close cooperation with our customers and hearing health professionals. When you tell usthat you need value, innovation, quality and usability, we listen. and we deliver!

High Quality Affordable Devices

Lux Max SE is one of the most affordable innovative digital hearing aids with reliable perfor .mance and sound quality that can best fit themild to moderate hearing impaired.

Has 4 Listening Programs to Suit Your Environment

These settings enable you to adjust the hearing aid so you can hear confidently in any sit -uation

Quiet environment

(Such as home and office use)

This hearing aid allows you to easily enjoy your daily life Andyou will no longer need to ask people to repeat what they saidor pretend that you heard them

Noisy environment

(Such as restaurant and party)

With the StayVoice smart noise reduction System,you will hear better,even in noisy environments such as theaters,churches,meetings,restaurants,etc.

TV watching

With upgraded hearing aids, you can turn down the volume on your TV to a level everyone can enjoy. Start sharing your favorite shows again


Life exposes you to varying noise levels every day, but with Lux Max SE unique settings adapt to any lifestyle. Providing you with an exceptional hearing experience.

Hear what matters

Hear clear with smart noise reduction

Leading technology in adaptive background noise reduction improves listening comfort. From the daily family life to taking out a family tour or friends'party,you will enjoy clear conversation and get really involved in it.

Hear comfortable with Speech balance

Advanced feedback cancellation technology suggests that the improved feedback canceler provided increased audibility for soft sounds.So to dynamically balances features to provide speech understanding, comfort, and natural sound.

Ezcharge Fast and go

Patent Ezchargetechnology provides greater safety and convenient recharging with Patentedzchargetechnology . Its internal technology effectively reduces heat energy loss during charging andmaximizes the capacity of its onboard high-power lithium polymer battery to extend its lifetime

What's the difference betweenthick tube and slim tube?

Why choose us?

Medical grade andcost-effective

US BasedCustomer Service

60-day Risk FreeTrial

Free Shipping

Benefits Of Wearing 2 Hearing Aids

A More Natural Listening Experience

Our ears are designed to work together to create a binaural experience / summation . Our brain quicklyprocesses in surround sound and wearing two hearing aids allows you to create a fuller , richer soundandscape : effectively reduce unneccessary noise.

Less Amplification , Safer Sound Levels

With two hearing aids , you can better hear sounds without as much amplification ; helps reduce the urgeto turn up the volume on your hearing devices.


  • Color:Beige
  • Dimensions: H-33.5mm / L-14.5mm / W-9.3mm
  • Weight:3.51g(Single Hearing aid)
  • SKU: LUX13-pair/single
  • Freq Range : 300Hz~5000Hz
  • Maximum Gain : 44dB


  1. Never wear other people's hearing aid! It could permanently damage/affect your hearing.
  2. Avoid direct contact with force (e.g. smacking/slapping, wrestling or likewise sports) while wearing a hearing instrument, such impact could be harmful to your hearing.
  3. Do not wear hearing instrument in heavy industrial areas (mines, explosion sites)
  4. If pain, skin irritation in the ear or excessive accelerated earwax, consult physician.
  5. In the unlikely case of the dome being stuck in your ear canal, after the removal of the sound tube from the ear, it is highly recommended, for you to see a physician for safe removal of the dome.
  6. Do not drop hearing device onto a hard surface that can damage the instrument.

  7. To obtain best performance from your hearing instrument, always use new and high-quality batteries.

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    I recommend this product


    The hat that Luxato sent me is extremely nice and deluxe! I say Merry Christmas to you too, and I know you'll have a great New Year!!!

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    very comfortable.

    It was pk.. My right one was not working right . I called & spoke with Miss Hong and she was so helpful & kind, she is sending me a return label. You need more people like Her.. Thank You


    this one unit is helping me hear everything better, and it is comfortable to wear

    This hearing amplifier I purchased as an experiment, to see if I need to buy the expensive hearing aids. So far, this one unit is helping me hear everything better, and it is comfortable to wear. The little plastic thingie just sits at the opening of your ear canal, and amplifies well.It has adjustable volume ... can be fit to either ear ... remember to turn it off when not using. It recharges with the same mini usb cord you use for your phone. The charge lasts probably about 8 hours, and the recharge takes only 1 - 2 hours. No batteries to buy.The one caveat I have is: does NOT work with my phone ... either landline or cell. Don't know how to fix that problem. But I don't spend much time on a phone, so for me ... not a big deal. When I know more, I will update this. :-)


    As expected.

    As expected.