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LUX 16 Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier

The LUX 16 rechargeable hearing amplifier gives an entire day's worth of sound using our patented EZCharge® Micro-USB cable. This frees you from the fuss of hearing amplifier batteries and from the often-tedious battery replacement process.


Dual Directional Microphones

Directionality is a significant thought for personal sound amplifier (PSAP) wearers since it gives the best execution in boisterous environments, which can be extremely frustrating. Consider every one of the spots you want to go. Some of them most likely are loud conditions, which adds to the fun and vibe. Those equivalent places can be exceptionally discouraging for you on the off chance that you're having hearing issues. Finding the correct listening enhancement device arrangement can help you reconnect with your everyday activities and individuals you cherish!

6-Channel Amplifier

Some individuals may have more hearing enhancement needs in the low end of the range, some have an enhancement needs in the high-end range, and some have a blend of the two. Portable amplifier channels provide you with an approach to "increase" the volume in various pieces of the range without turning up everything.

Rechargeable Battery

mAh Lithium Polymer Battery that gives higher energy than other lithium batteries
Approximate Hours for a full charge cycle
Approximate Hours of Average Use-time

Change Different Programs for Different Environments

4 Programs: 1-Single Microphone, 2-Dual Microphone, 3-Single Microphone (Outdoor), 4-Dual Microphone (Outdoor)

Background Noise Reduction

Background noise reduction helps reduce and minimize background sounds, so you can focus on the things and people you want to hear.

Dynamic Range Compression

Dynamic Range Compression makes loud sounds softer and soft sounds louder. So loud sounds won't hurt your ears and softer sounds like quiet conversations can be more easily understood.


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